Roy Adolph Richards: 1947-2020


Roy Adolph Richards, 73, of Winlock, Wash., passed away at his home on Oct. 26, 2020. He was born to Theresia Mary Richards and Norval Edward Richards on Oct. 18, 1947.

Roy graduated from Winlock High School in 1967. While in school, he worked as a local paper boy, as well as working for Gootee’s Chevrolet washing cars and performing other services. After High School, he continued with Gootee’s as a mechanic until they closed in the mid 1980s. Afterwards, Roy started his own mechanic business. He enjoyed serving his community as a local mechanic, to the point that only baked pies were accepted as payment.

One of the biggest passions that Roy had in life was music. At 16 years old, he joined his friends’ band, “The Hang Men” as a rhythm guitarist. This was the start of a long musical journey It was through a magical moment of seeing a young, beautiful teacher sitting alone on an apple crate box, playing her guitar, that truly won Roy’s heart. With Linda, they started a band called, “Linda and the Road Runners”. They would play at local weddings, the Moose Lodge, and the Eagles. After Linda’s death in 2011, Roy carried on performing with different music groups performing at farmer’s markets and senior centers.

Roy served his community in many different avenues. For many years, he played “Santa” at the local True Value Hardware store during the holidays. In this capacity, he understood how a simple conversation and candy canes can fix anyone’s problems. For just as many years, Roy was a faithful member of the Egg Day Committee. He helped with Winlock’s Annual Egg Day Celebrations by organizing the parade entries and setting up the sound system. Roy made sure to see to any needs that needed to be met.

As a Winlock history buff, he spent his spare time going to auction sales and garage sales. Any item that he saw that had any historical significance to Winlock, without any thought, he would purchase it. As his collection grew, in 2008, Roy and Linda decided to open a museum called the Renegade Rooster. The museum gave him such purpose in sharing local history with people near and far. One of his highlights, was giving personalized tours to the students of Winlock Miller Elementary School.

Roy was preceded in death by his wife, Linda; daughter, Abby; and brother, Edward.

He is survived by his daughters, Jodee (Michael) Parkin and Katie (Teancum) Satot; and nine grandchildren.

Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cattermole Funeral Home, Winlock, Wash. Graveside service will be held in Roy’s honor Saturday, Nov. 7, 2020, at the Winlock Cemetery at 11 a.m. Jam session reception will be held following the service at the Winolequa Park, Winlock, WA. Please bring your own chairs, favorite instrument to jam out with, and your favorite side dish and/or dessert to share.