‘Run For Five, Recovery Is Alive’ Race Celebrates Lewis County Drug Court Participants


Runners and walkers took to Stan Hedwall Park in Chehalis on Monday for an out-and-back 5K on Rice Road to recognize National Drug Court Month and celebrate the participants of Lewis County’s Drug Court, Family Recovery Court and Mental Health Court programs.

The race, “Run for Five, Recovery is Alive,” was hosted by the Lewis County Drug Court Foundation and Alumni Association.

“After a two-year hiatus, it was amazing to see current participants from Drug Court, Family Recovery Court and the Mental Health Court Program walking and running alongside community members that showed up in support of them,” said Drug Court Manager Stephanie Miller in a written statement. “As I write this, I am beaming with pride for our county’s Drug Court and Family Recovery Court programs. This pride starts with the brand new participant who has the courage to show up, even with struggles. I’m excited for the participant who has gone through the motivational shift — from external to internal.”

National Drug Court Month is an opportunity to recognize drug courts and the lives they change, said Miller.

“Our internally-motivated participants are no longer in the program to just stay out of jail. They are here because they are busy making significant life changes and working a recovery program. Life changes range from being employable to obtaining their first driver’s license and having insurance. This list could go on and on,” she said. “My pride does not stop there. The Alumni Association is a force in itself. Driven by the gratification in serving others who have been where they once were. The alumni encourage recent graduates to support the program by joining their cause. They show up and reach out to each other in times of happiness and trouble. They are their own unique family, with a strong bond and always welcoming of the next graduate.

“Finally, thank you to those who serve on the Drug Court Foundation as board members and officers. You encourage, guide and support many alumni and program efforts with consistency. I am in awe of our community, participants, alumni and board members. Thank you for a wonderful 5K event.”

Lewis County Drug Court allows those faced with certain drug-related felony convictions the option to enroll in a court-supervised, long-term rehabilitation program with the promise that their charges will be formally dismissed upon graduation.

The program seeks to help those arrested for drug-related crimes in their journey toward recovery.