Tenino Jubilee Celebrates Stone City’s 150th Birthday


The City of Tenino celebrated its 150th birthday on Saturday, July 8, with a sesquicentennial jubilee, complete with a parade, a talent show and a visit from the city’s congressional representative. 

“I am so proud to be part of representing Tenino. I think part of what makes America strong is communities like this where people believe in each other and believe in hard work,” Congresswoman Marie Gluesenkamp Perez, D-Skamania County, said during the event on Saturday.

She presented the City of Tenino with a copy of the congressional record of a floor speech she gave praising the city and recognizing its 150th birthday. 

“Thanks to everyone here for making this such a special place,” she said. 

The jubilee was sponsored by the Colvin Ranch and other Tenino-area farmers, as well as Tenino Timberland Library, Tenino Band Boosters, South Thurston County Historical Society, Castle Realty, Colleen Casey Farmers Insurance Agency, Oly Builds, the Tenino Area Chamber of Commerce and the City of Tenino. 

While the jubilee’s main events took place throughout the day at Tenino City Park, attendees didn’t need to go far to visit Tenino’s Farmers Market and Tenino Arts’ Creative Market, which were also held in downtown Tenino on Saturday. 

Near the two markets, the city blocked off an intersection for Tenino Arts, which invited chalk artists of all ages to draw on the pavement and create a “birthday card” for Tenino. The art will remain in the roadway until it naturally washes away, organizers said.