Thurston County Releases Preliminary Mid-Biennial Budget


Thurston County released its preliminary mid-biennial budget on Monday. The budget included $515.7 million in expenses, of which $461.9 million were operating expenses. 

“Significant work has gone into ensuring the 2022-2023 Preliminary Mid-biennial Budget is fiscally responsible and advances the county’s vision and priorities by meeting the needs of a growing community,” the statement from Thurston County announcing the budget stated. 

The budget included $1.5 million for increased salaries for sheriff, corrections and law enforcement professionals, $1.2 million for public health and social services, $300,000 for a pilot program for food insecure veterans and their case management, $900,000 for emergency medical assistance, $4 million to “provide a quality, stable, developed and thriving workforce,” and $6.7 million to address the rising business costs.