Washington Health Insurers Ordered to Open a Special Three-Month Enrollment Period


Need health insurance? The state Insurance Commissioner's Office is helping you out.

Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler issued an emergency order directing state-regulated health insurers to open a special enrollment from Feb. 15 through May 15 for people who are uninsured.

This enrollment session is in conjunction with President Joe Biden's plan to re-open the federal health insurance marketplace during the same time frame.

"Over 600,000 people in Washington state don't have health insurance," Kreidler said in a statement. "The more people who are insured, the better. The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on our state and expanding access to health insurance is an important step."

Individuals can still sign up for healthcare coverage by going to the state's HealthPlanFinder from Feb. 15 to May 15.

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