Western Washington Goodwills Close Doors Until April 2


In light of the spread of COVID-19 the Seattle and Olympics & Rainier Region Goodwill stores and many donation centers have decided to close from March 19 to April 2 for the protection of the employees and the community at large, stated a press release from the company.

Some donation centers will remain open— information on the open locations and the hours of operation go to seattlegooodwill.org or goodwillwa.org.

George White, public relations & communications manager at Goodwill of the Olympics & Rainier Region, stated in a press release that Goodwill employees will be paid during the time of the closure.

The Goodwills’ online stores will continue to operate— ShopGoodwill, eBay and Amazon. During the closure, the Goodwills’ job training staff will continue to  provide case management and support to students via phone and web-based conferencing, according to the press release.

“All Goodwill employees who continue working are taking necessary steps to help prevent the spread of illness, per CDC guidelines, like frequently washing and sanitizing our hands, counters and public areas, social distancing and staying home when ill,” stated the press release.

White said that the western Washington Goodwill locations are monitoring the situation closely to determine when would be best to open the store again and will reassess the situation before April 2.