WIAA Winter Coalition Will Be Livestreamed Jan. 25


The WIAA’s annual winter coalition meeting will be livestreamed on the WIAA’s YouTube channel (youtube.com/wiaawa) at 9 a.m., Monday, Jan. 25.

The event, which includes school administrators from every WIAA district, will discuss 10 proposed amendments. A few of those include:

• Allowing Class 1B and 2B high schools to use eighth grade students from non-WIAA member middle schools.

• High school basketball teams may participate in 20 games or 19 games plus one tournament for a total of up to 23 games

• Eliminating the restriction of 20 days of coaching for summer football

• A two-day wrestling tournament consisting of brackets larger than 16 individuals will count as one of the 16 allowed team dates

Those watching the livestream will be able to view the introduction of each amendment, as well as the votes on any revisions made to an amendment during the meeting. During a portion of the meeting, representative assembly members will be separated into breakout rooms to discuss each amendment in small groups, which cannot be viewed on the livestream.

Voting to pass amendments is not conducted at the winter coalition. Instead, it is the first step of the process where the representative assembly can vote to revise the proposed amendments after receiving feedback from the group. The voting window to pass amendments will run from April 29 to May 7. The representative assembly has 53 total members, and a 60% vote is needed to adopt an amendment. 

The schedule summary:

• Opening comments from WIAA Executive Director Mick Hoffman and Executive Board President Tim Thomsen

• Report from WIAA Executive Board

• State of the State report

• Amendment presentation and discussions

• Gareth Giles Awards Presentation (2021 Recipient: Rob Swaim)

Information on the 10 proposed amendments can be found here: https://seaintsol.net/wiaasecure/ConDocs/Con443/2021%20Amendments%20for%20Distribution.pdf.