Winlock Miller Elementary School holds second annual spelling bee


The Winlock Student Community Advocates (WSCA) recently held the second annual Winlock Miller Elementary School Spelling Bee.

In early May, each first grade through fifth grade class held individual class spelling bees. The top four spellers from each class were invited to compete in the schoolwide spelling bee, with fifth-place finishers serving as alternates.

On Friday, June 14, students came together in the school gym to compete against each other. First and second grades competed against each other first, followed by the third, fourth and fifth grade competition.

WSCA provided T-shirts to all contestants and alternates, as well as medals to the top three finishers in each competition. A $25 Amazon gift card was awarded to each first-place winner.

Here are the top finishers:

First and second grade:

• First place — Garrett Hoven, second grade

• Second place — Kate Roberts, second grade

• Third place — Lucia Garcia, second grade

• Fourth place — Zoey Cahoon, first grade


Third through fifth grade:

First place — Braden Wantaja, fifth grade

Second place — Isabel Torres, fifth grade

Third place — Azareiah Rose, fifth grade

Fourth place — Elaina Nelson, fifth grade

Fifth place — Nora DeBolt, fourth grade

“We are thrilled to continue this tradition at (Winlock Miller Elementary School) and are very proud of all the hard work students put into preparing for the competition,” the WSCA wrote in a news release. “Big thanks to all the teachers and staff for everything they did to help make this happen.”