Winlock Rescinds Application For Urban Growth Area Expansion

City Intends to Reapply Next Planning Cycle


The City of Winlock has withdrawn its application to expand the city’s Urban Growth Area (UGA).

The city had been considering expanding its UGA — a designation under the Growth Management Act that allows zoning changes so cities can expand — across Interstate 5 out to a 100-acre parcel north of the park n’ ride just off Exit 63.

Winlock Community Development Director and Building Inspector Robert Webster sent a letter to the Lewis County Planned Growth Committee on May 16 announcing the City of Winlock intended to withdraw its application for UGA expansion.

“The city would at this time withdraw and will resubmit in the next planning cycle,” stated Webster in the letter.

Winlock’s current UGA stretches to I-5 and covers parcels where Mickelsen Dairy used to stand.

Within the already-defined boundaries of the UGA, Exeter Property Group is currently planning a series of four new distribution centers to go up within the next few years. Two of the proposed buildings would be 1.2 million square feet, one would be approximately 600,000 square feet and one about 225,000 square feet.