Yakima Police Dog Trex Dies After Long Illness


One of Yakima Police Department's two patrol dogs has died.

K9 Trex was euthanized Monday following a months-long illness, YPD spokesperson Yvette Inzunza said. He was 5 years old.

Trex, a Czech shepherd, had medical issues that worsened in recent months, Inzunza said. He was seen by various veterinarians, including Washington State University's College of Veterinary Medicine in an attempt to diagnose the problem and find a treatment, including appetite stimulants, according to the police. Trex's illness caused him to lose weight, dropping from 85 to 55 pounds.

At one point, Trex was only eating rotisserie chicken that was hand-fed to him by his handler, Officer Mark McKinney, according to YPD's Facebook page.

Like many patrol dogs, Trex was from the Czech Republic, where he was born Jan. 2, 2017. He began his duties in the YPD in August 2018, assigned to McKinney. In the course of his service, Trex assisted in the arrest of many suspects and located evidence, Inzunza said.

In June, Trex participated in a standoff on Summitview Avenue, where he was sent in to assist officers in arresting the suspect, who also bit Trex on the ear.

Currently, K9 Zorro is the department's only patrol dog.