A Church in Toledo That’s Over a Century Old Seeks Donations to Fix Stained Glass Windows

Toledo Presbyterian Church Looks to Raise $75,000 to Preserve Colorful Windows


TOLEDO — Just a couple of months ago, the Toledo Presbyterian Church congregation learned their beloved stained glass windows needed repairing. The windows are made with a sand grout that has worn away over the years along with the occasional chip or broken glass.

The window renovation will cost an estimated $75,000 and the church is asking for donations from the community to avoid taking out a loan.

There are 22 windows. Each window is dedicated to people who have attended the church throughout the years.

While the church was formed in 1889, the current building was finished in 1957.

The restoration process will include adding a silver tracking with acrylic over the window on the outside to protect it from weather, rocks and stray baseballs.

Church member Diane Bassett Geister said the thick, almost 3D glass has “a wonderful richness worth preserving.”

The windows are known by local brides who are eager to hold their weddings in a beautiful setting, said Geister.

She also said when anyone walks through the church door, they are made to feel welcome.

“We really hope that the community can come support our project,” said Geister.

A restoration company based out of Minnesota, Associated Crafts and Willet Houser, has been contracted to start the process in the fall.

Geister said it’s been hard to get someone out to Toledo to restore the windows because the small town doesn’t have a hotel.

It’s also been hard to get a new pastor to the 133-year-old church as well.

After the church’s last fulltime pastor retired shortly after the pandemic, and going through many interim pastors, the congregation finally has a new pastor, who is originally from Chehalis.

Pastor Tony Reynolds started preaching at Toledo Presbyterian in January.

Geister states attendance numbers are rising not only because of the return of normalcy after the pandemic hit, but because of the new pastor’s preaching. She said that he does a great job of teaching and making you think.

How to donate

In-person: Drop your donation off at the donation box inside the church at 312 Augustus St. in Toledo by the back door.

Mail: Mail a check to Toledo Presbyterian Church, P.O. Box 396, Toledo, WA 98591.