A cut above: Superintendent Brennan Bailey's gesture marks a milestone for Toledo High School graduate


In a heartwarming celebration of achievement and community spirit, Toledo School District Superintendent Brennan Bailey recently took a unique step to honor the graduation of a remarkable student from Centralia Beauty School. 

Justin Cabrera, a budding talent in the field of cosmetology, received a special nod of recognition from Bailey in a gesture that resonated deeply with the Toledo High School community.

The setting was familiar yet unconventional — a bustling lunch hour at Toledo High School. Amid the usual chatter and clatter of a school cafeteria, something extraordinary unfolded. As students indulged in their meals and engaged in conversations, a corner of the room buzzed with excitement. Toledo High School student Justin Cabrera, freshly graduated from Centralia Beauty School, was poised with scissors and combs, ready to showcase his skills.

The surprise? Superintendent Bailey volunteered to be the canvas for Cabrera's craftsmanship. It was an unspoken celebration, an ode to the young graduate's dedication and success, and a demonstration of the unwavering support that the Toledo School District extends to its students.

"It was a moment of celebration for Justin's achievement and a testament to the bond we share as a school community," Bailey remarked with a smile. "Justin's journey is an inspiration to us all. His dedication and hard work reflect the values we strive to instill in our students."

As the scissors glided through Bailey's hair, there was an air of camaraderie and mutual pride. The act wasn't merely about a haircut; it symbolized the solidarity and encouragement that define the Toledo High School spirit.


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