Artists Sought for Two New Murals in Downtown Chehalis


The Chehalis Community Renaissance Team (CCRT) is planning to commission two new murals.

The organization, which hosts ChehalisFest and other community projects, aims to beautify the town and create more opportunities to experience art in everyday life.

CCRT is seeking creative, vibrant and engaging design proposals for outdoor murals along the retaining wall in Chehalis’ Parking Lot C, located on the corner of Northeast Boistfort Street and Northeast Washington Avenue behind the Market Street Bakery downtown, and for the north-facing wall outside the M&K Town Store downtown at 515 North Market Blvd.

Artists are welcome to submit a proposal on their own or as a group.

Designs with political or religious themes will not be considered at these locations. The mural should also be congruent with the general vibe of Chehalis. So, no skyscrapers or tropical beach scenes.

Artists do not need to have previous mural experience, but are expected to possess the skills and expertise to create a mural. Interested applicants are encouraged to visit before submitting an application. Paint and primer will be provided, but all other costs must be covered by the muralist. The artist or group will be given a timeline of 4 to 6 weeks to complete the project.

To be considered, submit the following by Aug. 23 to

• Name, mailing address, phone number and email

• Biography and experience

• Skills and qualifications. Identify a specific skill set and qualifications which will assist in the creation of a mural

• Reference and experience. Submit a minimum of three, but no more than five, examples of prior artwork in PDF or JPEG format. For those with previous mural experience, submit examples; otherwise, submit examples of artwork.

For more information including dimensions of the walls, contact the Chehalis Community Renaissance Team by phone: 360-345-1738 or visit


Parking Lot C Mural

The parking lot C mural will be painted in three sections of cement wall that skirt the parking lot. Designs should be colorful and abstract. Sections of this wall will be blocked from view when vehicles park in the lot, so designs submitted should have the ability to retain their character even when partially obstructed. Compensation of $3,200 will be provided.


M&K Town Store Mural

CCRT is asking artists to incorporate a “selfie” wall mural design into their concept which will encourage folks to take a photo at the mural. Yet, the mural should also be attractive on its own. Compensation of $1,200 will be provided.