Bearcats Rack Up More Total Pins, but Split Baker Games with Warriors


Winning the overall pins 1984-1354, the W.F. West bowling team won its first Baker game contest with Rochester at Fairway Lanes, 158-96, but fell in its first Baker contest of the year in the second game, 130-120, Tuesday night. 

The Bearcats were led by the efforts of its starters, Savannah Hawkins (180, 170), Brea Tracy in the first Baker game (123), Lexier Delisle in the second (146), Savanna Hoyt-Siler (143, 219), Clara Bunker (196, 160), and Piper Chalmers (169, 200). 

“Savanna did a nice job tonight in that second game with the lane conditions breaking down and drying out,” Bearcats coach Don Bunker said. “Her ball speed and strength was enough to overpower the lane conditions.”

Additionally, the Bearcats started senior Ellie Daniels in her first varsity contest to bowl leadoff in the second Baker game. 

The Warriors were led by the performances of Kaysee Smith (136, 103), Kailyn Black (114, 100), Natalie Southard (91, 122), Serenity Hurst (112, 131), and Elaine Slifer (109, 110).