Brian Mittge Commentary: A thankful serving of light verse


Happy Thanksgiving weekend from Hills & Valleys! In honor of this most American of holidays, and with an eye to a great Christmas season ahead, my gift to you is a smattering of light verse — a bit of rhyme for the holiday time. 

I hope you enjoy a little sing-song celebration of a few things to be grateful for in our little corner of the world. 


Lights are a’twinkling,

Downtowns are festooned,

And for Christmas songs

Our radios are tuned,


But let’s still be thankful

For a cornucopia of bounty

And the good life in 

Ol’ Lewis County.

For fine folks like the 

Austins (Mike and Sue),

Supporting Chehalis 

For me and you.


And for leaders with

Vision for part of Pine Street;

Creating a plaza was

Quite a neat feat.


Of sandwiches divine

And desserts impeccable,

Next door to the plaza 

Dawn’s diner is Delectable.


Then walk off your meal

A few blocks to the east.

The Seminary Hill trails

For your feet are a feast.


Or take a horse, bike or walk

On the Willapa Trail.

Say hi to the eagles

Who watch without fail.


Our freeway’s fantastic!

I-5 works for me.

But I do wish the two lanes

Were widened to three.

It’s been a year or so 

And the higher overpass

At 13th street has 

Not yet been smashed.


The Stout Coffee House

Is a warm place in fall;

Delicious coffee and 

Goat pics on the wall.


Speaking of which

The Mountain Goat Coffee Co.

In the middle of Packwood

Makes a darn good cuppa Joe.


And the Goat Rocks trails

Offer views without parallel.

But on summer hikes

Mosquitoes eat very well.


In the west of the county

Come April, it’s fun

To float the Chehalis 

On the Pe Ell River Run.


If you need this or that

You’ll find it, and more,

In timeless style at

The Doty General Store.


For a taste of Olde England

I’ll set my sights

On Shona’s in Chehalis

And Centralia’s British Bites.


Its deals are fantastic

But I can’t find the words

To say “Chehalis Outfitters”

Instead of Sunbirds.


From the hospital to Hillcrest

There’s a clever maneuber;

Avoid I-5 for a trip up

Old Scheuber.


Take a hop, skip or drive

Up steep Frogner Road,

But if your car breaks down

It might need toad.


If I want a small part

Or a tool, I know where

To find it; the Ace place

Is Sweeney’s Hardware.


In Winlock their big egg

Is really no joke.

They said keep the shell

But please skip the yolk.


Toledo’s folks topped

Their town with a cherry;

Volunteer & donors 

Formed their own library.


With friends on each corner,

Kind words all around

I’m grateful for great folks

In all our home towns.


And a thriving newspaper — 

Each edition is full

Of news to inform us.

Thanks, Chronicle!


Let’s keep meeting here

On most Saturdays

To talk about good times

Or mending our ways.


So I thank you all,

My friends and pal-ees

Each week for reading

Hills & Valleys.


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