Centralia Man Accused of Starving Horses Turns Himself in and Is Released on Unsecured Bail 


The Centralia man accused of abusing two horses in his care last year and failing to answer his court summons on Tuesday turned himself in at the Lewis County Jail on Thursday. 

The defendant, Isaac A. Knee, 31, was released on $10,000 unsecured bail on Friday after defense attorney Rachael Tiller explained that the summons notice informing Knee of the court-mandated Jan. 31 hearing had been sent to the wrong address. 

Knee learned about the warrant from The Chronicle’s initial article on his case and immediately turned himself in, according to Tiller. 

Knee was charged Jan. 19 with two counts of first-degree felony animal cruelty. Maximum punishment for a single count is up to five years in prison, a fine of up to $10,000 or both.

According to court records, Knee allegedly abused the horses on or around the timeframe of July 1 to Sept. 19, 2022. Specifically, Knee is accused of starving two horses, an Arabian mare named Sparkie and a chestnut stallion named Peanut.

Court records include a veterinarian’s testimony that the horses underwent “substantial pain and suffering” over a sufficiently long period of time. The veterinarian wrote the suffering was “unjustifiable.”

Unsecured bail allows Knee to remain out of custody for the duration of his court case without paying the bail amount so long as he follows his conditions of release.

Knee’s arraignment hearing is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 9. 

Read more about the charges and accusations here:  https://www.chronline.com/stories/warrant-issued-for-centralia-man-accused-of-starving-horses,313383