Chehalis Naturopathic Medicine Welcomes New Naturopathic Physician


The Twin Cities recently got a new naturopathic physician when Dr. Marie Benkley began practicing at Chehalis Naturopathic Medicine.

Benkley, who’s been practicing naturopathic medicine for three and a half years, hadn’t always planned on becoming a physician.

During college she studied biology and public health.

“I was really interested in systems that create health,” Benkley said, adding she developed an interest in preventative medicine.

At the time, Benkley didn’t know about naturopathic medicine, but she was drawn to it once she learned about its connection to public health and the opportunity to work with people one on one.

“What drew me to naturopathic medicine was really the holistic method and natural part,” Benkley said. “I really like working one on one with people, it’s something I really enjoy.”

Benkely, who grew up in Massachusetts, isn’t originally from the area, though her partner grew up in Centralia. She first moved to the region to attend the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland.

Benkley still lives in Portland, but she commutes to Chehalis two days a week, working virtually the rest of the week.

While her focus is women’s health, Benkley also does general primary care.

She says since moving to the Pacific Northwest her favorite thing about the area has been all the opportunities for outdoor activities.

“I love everything about the outdoors. I love hiking, I love backpacking, I love just being outside,” Benkley said.

Benkley is currently accepting primary care patients. She says the best way to become a patient is to contact Chehalis Naturopathic Medicine by calling 360-996-4761.