Dennis Waller Commentary: In Your Best Interest — The Local Newspaper


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There are good reasons for a person to come out of a comfortable retirement – even if only in a temporary, limited role. Several observations that made my participation easy.

First, I believe a solid, assertive newspaper is vital to a community. Despite the fact that major media have been dramatically impacted by the digital and internet ages, it is possible for this region to be served by interesting, vibrant and local publications. The public needs and deserves to know why their hometowns are good places in which to live and raise families. This does not mean ignoring the negative aspects of community life, but emphasizing the bright side.

Secondly, I have affection and admiration for the Taylor family as new owners and operators of The Chronicle and sister publications The Nisqually Valley News in Yelm and The Reflector in Battle Ground. I am thankful to have history with these award-winning publications and a number of key company employees.

The Taylors are invested in this area, treasure it and wish to preserve it as best they can through the primary news sources now in their hands. Media and public relations are already strong suits for their family operations through The Silver Agency. The newspaper business is a new venture, but a familiar one as they’ve been readers, subscribers and customers of The Chronicle for years.

I am grateful for 20 good years as Chronicle publisher, with oversight in Yelm and Battle Ground. Much has changed on the media landscape since my retirement but the need for dynamic local newspapers remains. We have family and many dear friends living among you and we enjoy returning to the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest after settling in the frosty Northern Minnesota area to be closer to many family members.

Working remotely, I’ve been asked to serve this temporary role in helping evaluate operations and offer guidance where asked. Hopefully, over a half-century in community publishing will be an asset, but we ask for your help. We hope to return for an official welcoming of the Taylor purchase of the Lafromboise Communications company.

We know you care about your schools, sports, outdoor entertainment, police and court reports, various government agencies, service clubs, civic events and emergency services. Our staffs will do their utmost to keep you abreast of these developments and events, but please step up where you can. Your ideas, opinions, letters-to-the-editors and volunteer reporting and contributed photography are essential in this age of scattered, unfounded and unreliable reporting. 

Your new publishers will need your support. Positive responses and helpful suggestions are welcomed. Your continued encouragement is needed to maintain healthy local publications aiming to enhance the quality of your lives.


Dennis Waller is acting executive editor for CT Publishing.