Edward Norval Richards: 1945-2020


Edward Norval Richards, 75, passed away August 12, 2020 at Centralia Providence Hospital. He was born to Theresia Mary Richards and Norval Edward Richards on May 22, 1945. As a life-long resident of Winlock, Wash., he was known to many simply as “Eddie” and “Ed”.

In Ed’s young adult years, he would help in his father’s farm slaughter and butchering business. As a young apprentice, he learned the great craft of butchering. After graduating from Winlock High School in 1963, he worked alongside his father in the family business. After his father passed, he began working for meat markets and grocery stores in various areas in Washington and Oregon. Ed found much success in meat cutting and merchandising and really enjoyed providing those services in the areas he served.

Also during this time, he was a very caring son and made it a point to stay home and care for his widowed mother for many years. During these years, he worked as a meat cutter and merchandiser in Winlock and other surrounding communities by day. For approximately 15 years, his evenings consisted of working diligently as a part-time policeman. Over time, he met the love of his life, Linda, and the two married on September 22, 1989. Ed and Linda were married for 31 years. During their lives together, they enjoyed road running, going on road trips up in the hills, enjoying each other's company, and sharing stories.

Throughout Ed’s life, he enjoyed the great outdoors, spending time in the woods, hunting, fishing, and loved to garden. During the summer months, he would help his family and others with custom haying and baling. Ed loved serving and helping others, sharing his stories and experiences, as well as learning and growing from those around him.

Ed had always been interested in guns, and while being married to Linda, decided to start a firearm and ammunition business. In 1995 Olequa Sporting Goods was created. Ed and Linda were very popular among their local community. Sadly, due to injuring his right leg in 2001, Ed decided to retire and enjoy the rest of his days spending time with his wife Linda, their fur-babies, Mr. Waggles and Kodi, and Linda’s sister, Mary.

Ed is survived by his wife, Linda Richards; sister in-law, Mary Manberg; brother, Roy Richards; nieces, Jodee (Mike) Parkin and Katie (Teancum) Satot.

A graveside service will be held in Ed’s honor Saturday, August 22, 2020 at the Winlock Cemetery, 10:00 am. The service is being arranged by the Cattermole Funeral Home, Winlock, WA. Pastor Jared Hunt, will be presiding.