In Focus: Scenes From Mount Rainier National Park, Including the Wild, Glacial Ohanapecosh River


On the Silver Falls Loop Trail in Mount Rainier National Park, fascinating scenes span the length of the hike.

Beginning from the Ohanapecosh Campground B loop, hikers first come across the Ohanapecosh hot springs, where steam rises from the warm groundwater as it drips down the rocks.

The trail then hugs the emerald green Ohanapecosh River as it barrels downhill.

Crossing tributary streams and foot bridges over waterfalls, visitors eventually come to the mighty Silver Falls. There, the river starts off with a bang. An enormous amount of the glacial water ferociously leaps off the falls, bringing with it rocks and broken logs which it casts off to its side.

The rest of the hike treats guests to giant, mossy boulders, towering trees and fog rising off several ponds.

About a 20-minute drive from Packwood, this lush forest is worth a day trip or a weekend campout, rain or shine. The trail is not strenuous, but parents should be careful bringing children near the rapid, freezing river.

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