In loving memory of William Wirtanen: 1944-2024 


William J. Wirtanen of Oakville, Washington, died April 7, 2024, at the age of 80. He was born Feb. 5, 1944, in Grand Rapids, Minnesota, to Laurie John and Vivian F. Wirtanen. 

William grew up in Northern Minnesota. “Bill” was a veteran and served in the United States Navy. He enjoyed a long career as a welder and worked in various mines throughout Minnesota and Washington. 

His true passions included hunting, fishing, reloading ammunition and cooking. He traveled frequently to Alaska and Mexico for sport fishing. Bill especially enjoyed cooking and specialized in barbecue and smoking fish. He enjoyed sharing his barbecued/smoked fish with friends and family. Bill was also an accomplished artist and specialized in metal art. 

Bill was known for his engaging smile and “big” heart. He was a quiet, humble person who valued deep-seated relationships and was a generous and charitable person who provided support for many of his friends and family members. He was known for his willingness to help and provided assistance to many of his friends, neighbors and family throughout his lifetime. 

Bill is survived by his daughter, Laurie; son, Tim; granddaughter, Jade; sister, Geri; and his brother, Dave. Bill is, also, survived by his nieces, Laurie and Michelle; nephew, Mark; and grandniece, Haley.