John McCroskey Commentary: Taking a Look Around Our Twilight Zone


Sometimes it feels like I’m in the twilight zone. 

We now have a new, lifetime-appointed U.S. Supreme Court justice who couldn’t define what a woman is in her hearing. We’re redefining what it means to be a mother, a boy or a girl, and are confused by what pronoun to use. At least I am.

Meanwhile, our open southern border continues to allow drugs, killing way more than guns. But that is ignored for some reason along with the sex trafficking, terrorists and dangerous gangs infiltrating our country.

Ever wonder if Haiti is so poor how all these folks manage to get here?

I do.

But really what’s bothering me is the lies we are told about what’s going on.

Like when Florida passed a law that said you can’t brainwash — whoops sorry, I mean confuse — little kids about sex and gender in K-third grades, the liberals went nuts. 

I still have no idea about the teachers I had in those early years, which is the way I think it should be. But they claimed all sorts of things that actually weren’t in the law at all. That suggests to me they can’t make an argument or persuade others they have a point.

And that’s because they didn’t.

Little kids should be just that — little kids — and deserve all the innocence that goes with it. I look at my grandkids and wonder why they should be burdened with anything but Dick and Jane in K-third?

Thankfully, most of America agrees with that.

Which brings me to the Roe v. Wade decision that has lots of folks upset who apparently can’t read or figure out which aisle contraception is located in the pharmacy. The only thing that really changed is something that Ruth Bader Ginsberg (rest in peace) also criticized — it was a bad precedent. 

The courts are to rule on laws, not make them, and that’s what the court decided. For far too long, the courts have done the bidding for liberal causes, giving cover to those we elected to do it because they were cowards.

And that’s all the decision really said if you read it.

Full disclosure, I’m Catholic (a sinner but not a Pelosi and Biden type), pro-life and happy the court decided this way. But what is being said about this is just factually a lie and should matter.

This kind of horrible law should be debated and argued by those who represent us in our state Legislature. 

In Washington, nothing will change of course, because we have too many Puget Sound folks to overcome. We’ll still have abortion on demand, abortion for any reason, and abortion at almost any time, which is very wrong in my opinion. But let's get our elected officials to debate and legislate so we know where they stand and feel like we have a say.

I saw recently that a national organization who licenses OBGYNs is holding their license over their head if pro-life OBGYNs don’t toe the line and instead, choose to discuss the downside (also known as risks) of an abortion with their patients.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had even a minor surgery where the doctor, anesthesiologist and anyone with a pen hasn’t discussed the risks of whatever procedure I was having with me.

So the threats to the court, which are illegal, protests in front of their houses, which are also illegal, harassment in restaurants or wherever will continue encouraged by some elected officials which should be illegal or at least reason for shame — but it will likely continue.

Meanwhile, the invasion from the southern border and those violations of law will be ignored, violent crime in mostly big and Democrat run cities will be ignored and riots will continue because prosecuting attorneys won’t prosecute criminal behavior — including gun crimes — in the name of public safety.

But there’s hope. 

The Department of Justice will look into the shady business practices of the Professional Golf Association, something we can all rally around and support.


John McCroskey was Lewis County sheriff from 1995 to 2005. He lives outside Chehalis and can be contacted at