John McCroskey commentary: We’re lucky to have deep thinkers in Olympia and Washington, D.C.


I’m a bit sad Gov. Jay Inslee isn’t running for re-election. Like so many others, we enjoy record high fuel prices here in Washington and the other costs that go with it, including delivery of food.  

That’s good, right? 

Now, although we can’t afford to drive to California, the sticker shock of fuel prices there if we could would no longer hit us so badly. I’ll miss his brilliance.

Looking around the news these days, it's easy to see the accomplishments liberal policies have done for us, especially in the past couple of years. I thought I’d cheer us all up and remind us how lucky we are supposed to be.

I already mentioned the cost of goods; the price of food, fuel and everything else has skyrocketed amid continuing inflation. I’m not sure we’ve properly given Bidenomics and Inslee the credit they deserve.

Police reform has also been a big success thanks to the valiant efforts of the Democrats in Olympia. Since they passed those reforms, people are nicer and less likely to commit crimes these days, and that’s due almost entirely to handcuffing the cops. 

And because cops aren’t chasing criminals, criminals feel safer and no longer want to live a life of crime. Consequently, crime statistics go down as well, and people in the community just feel safer. Bravo!

Policies allowing tent cities to spring up everywhere have not created environmental disasters as naysayers suggested. Instead, utopia reigns supreme and government isn’t even needed.  Another success for them! I’m almost tired of the successes they can claim. How about you?

Of course, there are some concerns by taxpaying neighbors who must live with the unsanitary garbage and worse, along with the drugs and crime, but hey, in the name of tolerance. They must not just tolerate it, but celebrate the lifestyle, too. They need to get on board.

And decriminalization of drugs has been a real success, especially for users and small entrepreneurs selling drugs to them. Oh sure, the big cartels are getting rich and some people are dying, but hey, it’s  just a lifestyle choice. And those well-thought-out ideals? Well it's obviously single handedly eliminating the problems before decriminalization. Sheer genius, don’t you think? Not only are they reducing the jail population, making us safer, improving the lives and mental health of just about everyone affected by it, but no longer is treatment held over their head either. 

Yeah, you have to admit, they were right all along. But painting all cops as bad, racist and just all-around terrible people may have been their smartest move of all. Who would have thought that continuously calling them names, doxing them publicly and threatening them with lawsuits would have made them retire or leave in droves? I sure didn’t. We’re lucky we’ve got a bunch of deep thinkers in Olympia and Washington, D.C.

But now some of those cowards have changed their minds and want to actually increase the number of cops. But don’t worry, they’ve managed to reduce the people who want to become cops so much that it's not going to happen anytime soon. Better yet, they will have to reduce the standards to be a police officer so low they will only get the best and brightest who were unqualified just a few short years ago, and it takes years to train one. So win-win.

But there’s more.

We no longer can actually define what a woman is, and calling someone mother or father, well, is just so yesterday. Thank you very much. It took forever to finally get to that important work.

And after thousands of years, we have concluded what we already all knew and were just too afraid to say — men can have babies. 

It has taken years, and I admit I was slow to come to the party, but I’m so glad we’re here. And since actual medical doctors, along with the national media, have declared it to be so (along with Facebook of course), we know it to be true science. 

I’m running out of room and there is so much more to celebrate in the days ahead. The inherent racism of math, climate change or a border in this country — I’m almost tired of the successes forced on us these past years. 

Who can forget the forward thinking of hiding gender ideology from parents? Surely not me.

If we can’t recognize all the greatness that is in Olympia, we just don’t deserve it. 

I know I don’t.


John McCroskey was Lewis County sheriff from 1995 to 2005. He lives outside Chehalis and can be contacted at