Latest Ballot Drop Brings Races for Washington Secretary of State, Legislature Into Sharper Focus


The makeup of this November's contests for the Washington Legislature came into slightly sharper focus as a second round of election results were released Wednesday afternoon.

The new ballots do not dramatically change the overall picture painted Tuesday night; the candidates who led their primary races and appeared likely to advance continued to do so Wednesday.

But in several races, there is a marginally clearer view of the second-place finishers.

In the closely watched Senate race in the 47th Legislative District, near Kent, Claudia Kauffman held onto a narrow lead over fellow Democrat Satwinder Kaur in the contest to take on Republican Bill Boyce in November. Combined, the two Democrats exceeded 50% of the vote for this swing seat.

Also in the 47th, Republicans may get locked out of the general election in a race for a seat in the House — Democrat Shukri Olow narrowly leads three Republicans for the right to take on Democrat Chris Stearns in November.

Meanwhile, Democrats are close to being locked out of the 8th Legislative District, near the Tri-Cities, as Republican Joe Cotta narrowly leads Democrat John Christenson for second place. Republican April Connors is on top.

In the 36th Legislative District, in Northwest Seattle, Jeff Manson holds a lead for the right to take on Julia Reed, both Democrats. Reed holds a commanding lead with 53% of the vote.

In the 38th Legislative District, near Everett, Democrat Daryl Williams is leading Republican Gary Kemp to take on fellow Democrat Julio Cortes.

In the race to challenge Democratic incumbent Steve Hobbs — who took a huge lead Tuesday night — for secretary of state this November, two Republicans, Bob Hagglund and Keith Wagoner, continue to narrowly trail Julie Anderson, who is running as a nonpartisan.

Washington's vote-by-mail system means many races are not decided for days, and sometimes weeks, after election night.