Letter to the Editor: Beating a Dead Yard Bird in Chehalis


In a recent article noting that the City of Chehalis had dropped a lawsuit against Yard Birds, I am reminded of the futility of beating a dead horse, or in this case, a dead Yard Bird. 

What started as a remarkable enterprise after World War II that grew into a loved establishment, it will be fondly remembered by many here. Sadly, it’s inevitable demise left many who were involved with it with anything but fond memories. Some will never recover what they lost. Most will go on and adapt. The next big change coming here will be the WinCo project off of Alder Street and Long Road and it will result in more changes as well, some welcome and a few not so welcome, but we will adapt.

Sure, I wish someone would buy the old Yard Bird roadside attraction bird and haul it over here to Long Road and turn it into an espresso and donut shop (wishful thinking). As for Fullers being so close to a super competitive grocery store like WinCo, I wish them well, but time marches on and these changes will happen only to become someone else’s found memories in the future.

Anyone interested in buying a big bird?


James Goddard