Letter to the Editor: Commissioner-Elect Thanks Supporters


What an incredible six months this has been. First and foremost, I want to thank the voters of Lewis County for placing your confidence in me and a bright future. None of this would be happening without the unwavering support and sacrifice of my wife and amazing family. Then there is also my Taco Tuesday family, my good friend Dr. Lynch and Don who believed not necessarily in the campaign but in Sean Swope. 

Thank you all for buying in on day one. 

I also want to thank my team of advisors who took the time to pour nonstop wisdom into this campaign and into me personally. You are only as strong as the people around you and I look forward to continually nurturing these relationships for the foreseeable future. 

Jack, you were an incredible treasurer. You took complete ownership from day one. 

Lastly, I want to thank my campaign manager Braedon. In the beginning you gave me some tough pills to swallow. But we did just that and with your help here we are. 

There’s no question I was a long shot candidate. Even before the days leading up to filing, the conversations were not what you would call favorable. I completely understood where they were coming from, for not many knew who I was or what I stood for. 

This would be a challenge, we didn’t start with much money and we had no endorsements. The biggest thing going for us was our vision going forward. Like many of you we want that bright future in Lewis County, we want strong paying jobs, attraction, housing and the very best schools for kids and grandkids. 

Now the hard work begins for the victory. This is not the bright future, rather just the beginning of that bright future. It’s time that we stop looking in the mirror and we start looking through the window, to what’s ahead of us and to one another. I am looking forward to getting to work to represent each and every person in Lewis County. We are stronger together. 

Thank You Again. 


Sean Swope