Letter to the editor: Democrats using abortion issue for gaslighting


I saw a news article recently that stated that Gov. Jay Inslee is stockpiling the abortion drug mifepristone in preparation for the event that former President Trump is elected president again.  Apparently, Inslee has given up on Joe Biden. 

If he was confident that Joe will be re-elected, he wouldn’t have to do this.

According to Inslee, the shelf life of the drug is four to six years. The stockpile will allow him to distribute it to women in the unlikely event that President Trump would institute a national abortion ban (if abortion is banned, how can he do this?).

Isn’t that breaking the law? That’s not gonna happen. 

Trump has stated numerous times that the issue of abortion belongs to the states. That’s what federalism is, and he is right. Love Trump or hate him, he is not stupid enough to ban abortion nationally. 

This is another gaslighting and fear-mongering by the Democratic Party and their cronies in the media. I am pro-life, but as I live in a state where abortion is legal, I have to accept the fact that abortion will be legal in Washington in perpetuity.

The elephant in the room here is that Inslee is using taxpayer funds to pay for abortion. 

I don’t know if it’s legal for a state to fund abortion, but I have always believed that the Legislature holds the purse strings and a governor can’t do this unilaterally.

I might be wrong. 

But I hope that other common-sensical taxpayers will contact their state representatives as I plan to do and find out if this is constitutional.


Joel W. Muenchau