Letter to the Editor: Dynamic Leadership Vision for Lewis County


We are at the crossroads of history.

Lewis County is a small island in a vast sea of blue. We are fast becoming the No. 1 target of those who want to change it to blue forever.

Yet we have an opportunity to create a model of Republican conservative and constitutional excellence that the rest of the nation can emulate and copy. This example can then be exported to other counties and states as a model of success.

We must envision and implement policies that create the results that preserve our way of life (conservative) not just for the short term but more importantly, the long term.

Policies like bringing the digital economy to Lewis County in a big way that is effective, sustainable and repeatable. This is done with private-public partnerships between national businesses and educational institutions like Centralia College. Creating the courses to teach the skills that digital economy companies need. Policies like retooling our governmental structures to be more efficient, responsive and sustainable. Policies like organizing and encouraging our populations to actively participate in these dynamic improvements so that we can ensure they remain in Lewis County because it provides the employment they need, the environment they grew up in and governmental structures that are efficient and successful.

We need leadership that has a dynamic leadership vision for a bright future within the environment of conservative ideology that is successful, sustainable and exportable.

With the election of Scott Brummer to the Board of County Commissioners and the re-election of Rob Snaza as sheriff, we now have the opportunity to breathe life into a new American Dream, right here in Lewis County.


Mitchel N. Townsend

Silver Creek