Letter to the editor: Expand Interstate 5 to three lanes through Twin Cities and stop pointless projects


This letter is in response to the article about the Washington state Department of Transportation (WSDOT) putting in traffic-control stop lights in several on-ramps in the Chehalis-Centralia area. This is merely a bandage for a huge problem. It's like putting a bandage on an amputated leg.

We all know that bandage isn't going to stop the bleeding.

It's the same with these traffic-control stop lights on the on-ramps. The problem with the Interstate 5 traffic congestion is it's a choke point. Going both northbound and southbound, I-5 goes from three lanes to two.

The traffic backs up before the traffic gets to the on-ramps on which the WSDOT are installing the meters.

Why waste money on this problem that will not fix anything? What needs to be done is to widen I-5 to three lanes both directions through this choke point.

I have written to the WSDOT and told them how much this is a waste of your and my tax dollars. I told them to not spend the money foolishly and just save until they can widen both directions to three lanes.

They didn't listen, and now they're going to waste taxpayers dollars on this bandage that will really fix nothing. I'm sure if they were spending their own personal money they would think more wisely and save the money for widening I-5.


Tony Christen