Letter to the Editor: Family of Aron Christensen Should Reach Out to News Outlets Beyond Lewis County


I am encouraging the family of Aron Christensen to reach out to other news organizations since they are not receiving any answers here in Lewis County. 

What is happening is negligence on local law enforcement, They know who did it. Too many bullets were fired to be an accident. The officer did not secure the crime, yes crime, scene properly. 

If someone is dead, don’t speculate what killed them and pass it along as true. Are the perpetrators known to someone in the local law enforcement ? Is there a coverup? Why is there no official word on how many times the dog was shot? 

The dog’s autopsy should be on record and available to the news. Why on earth would the shooter leave this man and his dog dead and walk off? Why? Isn’t leaving the scene of the crime a crime? 

If this crime is not considered a crime, then tell the family. This is all cruel and unusual punishment for them.

I would tell the family to contact Seattle news stations , Dateline NBC and CBS 48 Hours to see if they can help in any way.

Also, The Chronicle should be doing due diligence in getting updated information on what the status is every week. I do not know the family involved on either side and I never write in but this whole scenario is dead wrong.


Sue Wickert