Letter to the Editor: Grose Has Experience, Steadiness, Job Knowledge to Be County Commissioner


I believe the commentaries by Publisher Chad Taylor and columnist Brian Mittge on The Chronicle editorial page Oct. 30 got it right with the resounding endorsements of Lee Grose to serve as interim commissioner for district three and encouraging Commissioners Sean Swope and Lindsey Pollock to choose Lee Grose.

As a precinct committee officer, I was in attendance at the selection meeting Oct. 26 and voted alongside my fellow PCOs. We were not allowed to “rank” our choices in any of the voting. In the first round, the lead vote getter had 32 votes and the second amount was 29. There were seven candidates. The voting was split in many different directions. (This is “easy” math.) We were asked to vote for three people, not to list our preferences, i.e. first, second and third.

There were several rounds of voting after the first two candidates were confirmed and the lowest vote getter eliminated. However, it might have been interesting and even helpful to view the full picture once the three candidates were determined and “ranked” them. We did not do so.

Commissioners Swope and Pollock are tasked with choosing one individual to complete the term of the late Gary Stamper. It is my sincere hope they will choose experience, steadiness, job knowledge and a real desire to “serve” the community. They will find all of these attributes in Lee Grose.


Penny Mauel


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