Letter to the Editor: Is It Any Wonder Lewis County Was Shorted Vaccine?


After reading the article about how Lewis County hasn't received its fair share of COVID-19 vaccine doses, one must stop and think about the vast amount of people in Lewis County that think the COVID-19 is a hoax, or just the light case of the flu.  

With our sheriff standing in a parking lot next to the Hamilton Uncle Sam billboard with his large sheriff's hat, cool shades and a bullhorn telling the people of Lewis County “don't be a sheep,” the state probably thinks that there are very few of us sheep in Good Old Boy Lewis County. 

So no need to send many doses here. And for all of those that think the masks are political and COVID-19 restrictions are unnecessary, you need to sit this one out. 

But I am sure there will be many hypocritical weasels who will rush to get their COVID-19 shots elsewhere ahead of us sheep.   


Rick Broom 



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