Letter to the editor: Is there no room for middle ground in politics? 


It was with great sadness that I read Alan Mahood’s diatribe against President Trump. 

Once again, a liberal is spewing stories about him without personal knowledge of Trump’s sins, real or imagined. The left seems to think that by raging against Trump keeps the reality of their choice of president and his sins. Apparently, the left has forgotten that CNN publicly admitted that they had made up stories about President Trump to keep him from being elected. And they further have forgotten that a person is innocent until proven guilty. 

It is blatantly obvious that many, if not all, of the charges against President Trump are politically motivated, coming from a state so blue as to be glaring. Until the left stops railing against President Trump and starts looking in its own backyard, nothing is going to change. Our borders will still be wide open. Our economy will remain in shambles. We will still be the laughing stock of the world. The Chinese and Russians will still be a huge threat, and Hamas will continue to threaten our very existence. 

I read recently that more than half of the voters responding to a poll stated that violence was warranted to keep the other party from reaching their goals. Really? Is that what this country has come to? Is there no more middle ground? No compromise in anything? 

Less than 30 years ago, politics in this country was basically reaching a consensus. While both sides had different views, they were able to come to an agreeable decision. Perhaps not everything each side wanted, but something that both sides could live with. Ever since Hillary Clinton lost in 2016, this country has become polarized. There’s no give and take. No middle ground. It’s my way or the highway. That is no way for a democratic society to behave. As it stands right now, the biggest threat to our society and its existence is ourselves.


Bruce Peterson