Letter to the Editor: Joe Kent is Back, Better Than Ever


Yesterday, my husband and I attended a reception sponsored by Raheem Kassam (Breitbart, National Pulse) at the Chehalis City Farm.

Last week, on March 22, Rep. Matt Gaetz and 13 other members of Congress sponsored another event for Joe at the Capitol Hill Club in D.C. This week, Donald Trump Jr. is sponsoring a reception for Joe at Palm Beach, Florida, on March 30. After Joe’s campaign fund-draining primary against Herrera Beutler and weak support by establishment Republicans in the general election last year, Joe now has overwhelming support by Washington state and D.C. Republicans. As he gets his 2024 campaign started, he no longer must compete against an incumbent Republican who, after losing, refused to endorse Joe or release her voters to him as evidenced by votes for Tiffany Smiley not being matched by votes for Kent.

Raheem came to Chehalis from D.C. without payment because he believes so strongly in Joe. He even offered at auction a sponsored tour of the Capitol area which two enthusiastic guests won. As a British citizen, he said our economic situation matches England’s just before it lost its prime reserve currency status. He described the British government’s massive push on Muslim immigration but explained the male Muslim ethic labels white women as deserving of rape and are actively doing so. Like so many other Europeans, he can see the daily destruction by radical Democrats of the things the world admired in our wonderful, free America.

Thankfully, in January 2023 we had the group of 20 America First Republicans who were strong enough to bring change to the House and to strengthen the spine of Kevin McCarthy. Joe Kent should have been there during those days. Speaker McCarthy attended Joe’s D.C. function and Joe speaks well of him. He said McCarthy, who has made many contacts in his years in office, could have gotten moderate Democrats to vote him into the speakership, but he did not. So far, so good.

Meanwhile Marie Gluesenkamp Perez, who campaigned as a moderate Republican, is the Democratic Party’s darling: young, pretty and obedient. 

Media follows her smiling visits to colleges and small towns, but her congressional voting record is not so pretty with additional IRS agents, her anti-parental bill of rights stance, and her vote to allow the killing of born-alive aborted babies. Marie has no choice how she votes. 

She can promise heaven, but extreme Democrats are delivering hell because they are required to vote in lockstep.

But, I say, have faith. We are strong and help is coming. Support Joe Kent and he will win back our district in 2024.


Bill and Linda Clark