Letter to the Editor: Kent Wants to Protect All Americans Including the Unborn


Here are my thoughts on our current political climate in Washington and the United States of America. 

I have heard people say Joe Kent is too extreme.

Well, just remember, our local government, legislators and local police departments allowed antifa to take over a few city blocks in Seattle to create a cop-free zone, where innocent bystanders were hurt and killed, and because police were not allowed in, critical evidence was lost and criminals evaded prosecution. Is that extreme? Marie Gluesenkamp Perez and her business aided antifa with their attack gear in Portland. She claims she is a moderate?  Those leaf blowers that she and her husband repaired for antifa were used to terrorize a city and law enforcement for months. She supports killing babies, elective late term abortion is killing babies.  Those are not “moderate” values.   

Joe Kent wants to protect all Americans including the unborn, and he is considered the extremist? 

Joe Kent spent his adult life protecting this country from terrorists, while Gluesenkamp Perez spent her adult life being a capitalist and protecting terrorists in Portland. 

The difference is clear in all of the current races of 2022.

Democrats and “moderate” Republicans want to “work together,” to allow drugs, crime, homelessness, open borders and illegal immigration to continue unchecked. They want to tie the hands of law enforcement but release criminals back into our communities. They want to take away your ability to protect yourself and your family by regulating law-abiding citizens’ ability to own weapons but allow criminals who prey on the people of our state/country to remain free. Democrats are more focused on killing babies in the womb than they are about the skyrocketing crime in our country.  There is plenty of time to work across the aisle between Democrats and Republicans, but that cannot happen until the Democrats and moderate Republicans stop the insanity of lawlessness.

We need America First representation in our local and federal government.

Use your voice at the ballot box. Tell these politicians we have had enough of your bad policies.  Your vote matters, your life matters and your freedoms are non-negotiable.

Is protecting our constitutional rights, our borders, our citizens, our economy and our children (born or unborn) extreme?  Extreme is what we have witnessed over the last two years. We do not need polished politicians.  We need people in elected office who honestly believe America is the greatest country in the world and are willing to defend it.

The choice is yours.


Joanna Aaron