Letter to the Editor: Let’s Show Extreme Candidates They Are Not Electable


As we come to our 2022 midterm election, we are facing vexing challenges — COVID-19, illegal immigration, homelessness, inflation, war, etc. Underpinning it all, many of our politicians and one of our political parties purposefully foment anger, fear and divisiveness in pursuit of getting re-elected. 

I am a resolute believer in the benefits two strong political parties bring to America’s democracy. At this time, however, our country needs us to be courageous, telling our representative politicians, “no more us versus them, ours is a we nation.”

To show the Republican Party that election denial and extreme candidates are unelectable, bravely vote for Democrats. They won’t destroy the country, and in a couple of years, we have the chance to vote them out. In the meantime, we’ll show both parties that extreme candidates are unacceptable and hopefully force the nomination of more moderate candidates in the future.


Mark Haller