Letter to the Editor: Library Board Member Says TRL Administrative Salaries Increased Without Warning


Did you know that your Timberland Regional Library property tax dollars provided huge salary increases to a few TRL administrators? Whopping increases in fact!

Comparing 2019 to 2020, one of these administrators saw an increase of 23 percent, bringing her salary from $84,975 to $104,509.  

In just one year, we should all be so lucky to have a job during a raging pandemic and get a 23 percent pay raise. By comparison, those lucky enough to be a social security recipient received a 1.3 percent increase for 2020. 

Worse still, some of our neighbors are looking at unemployment or reduced hours and reduced paychecks.

Don’t be surprised that you didn’t know about this generosity. The Mason, Grays Harbor, Lewis, Pacific and Thurston county commissioners appoint the TRL Board of Trustees. This seven-member board was made aware nine months after the executive director awarded the unbudgeted salary increases which will continue to grow with longevity and cost of living increases. 

Why does this matter? 

If you are a TRL patron, expect a long-term impact to core services, like new books, fewer open hours, and libraries being closed. There will be consequences to TRL’s unbridled generosity for salaries and benefits. If you are a property tax payer, don’t be surprised to see a levy lid lift in the not so distant future.


Brenda Hirschi

Shelton, Timberland Regional Library Board Member