Letter to the Editor: Local Leaders Choose Politics Over Safety on COVID-19


To our community leaders, especially Peter Abarno, Ed Orcutt, Sean Swope and Rob Snaza:

I am severely disappointed in your leadership and I voted for most of you! Each and every one of you have chosen to selfishly put your political agendas ahead of basic public safety.

This is irresponsible folly at best.

Where is your human decency? Where is your brotherly love? Why are you fighting the public health and safety officials when you are the ones that have so much sway and influence on the public? Why are you not keeping the health and safety of the most vulnerable in our community your first and foremost priority?

Stop vying for political power and start taking the real enemy seriously.

The only way we will beat this virus and get back to a semblance of normal life is by working together against this deadly pandemic. Too many people have died prematurely. Too many health care workers and facilities are worn out. Too many times I have heard you cry out for our right to decide for ourselves the fate of our neighbors and vulnerable family members.

This pandemic does not give a flying f-word about our rights.

A mandate would not be necessary if people understood the severity of the situation. A mandate would not be necessary if you all led by example and showed us how to be safe and keep our loved ones safe. Eighty-four and counting: This is how many of our community members we have lost in Lewis County. There are preventable measures put in place that we can all follow on behalf of the most vulnerable in our community.

These measures are minor inconveniences.

I hold you all directly responsible for the loss of every single COVID-19 victim. Their blood is on your hands. You have the attention of your constituents. Send the right message.


Ann Bhagwandin