Letter to the Editor: Markstrom Has the Business Background Port of Centralia Needs


Voters have two choices for Port of Centralia Commissioner on Nov. 2, but only one candidate is really equipped to serve.

Kyle Markstrom is our incumbent commissioner. His whole career has been in business administration. He has already had to develop budgets, implement a host of laws and regulations, apply for permits, develop a growing workforce, plan for capital investments and host other responsibilities that go with being a business professional.

His opponent has been a public school teacher with no prior involvement in business, public facilities, infrastructure, personnel management, project management or navigating regulations. Being a band teacher may be difficult, but it doesn’t prepare someone to create jobs and to recruit healthy enterprises.

The future for our children’s job prospects is too important to entrust a novice. Vote Kyle Markstrom for the Port of Centralia.


Leon Ames