Letter to the editor: Our country was built by immigrants, but that doesn’t mean we should have open borders


Several times recently, I’ve read in The Chronicle about how our country was built with immigrants, as if that makes it OK to let hundreds, sometimes thousands, of “undocumented” people into our country each day.

There’s a huge difference in how my ancestors entered this country, and for those who don’t get it, let me explain.

Our immigration laws (yes, we still have laws) that were in place when my ancestors came here went something like this: They landed in Ellis Island and they were asked three basic questions.

1. Do you have a sponsor or a place to live (so the government won’t have to support you)?

2. Do you have a job lined up or some sort of regular income (so the government won’t have to support you)?

3. Do you have any diseases or long-term health problems (so the government won’t have to support you)?

If they were ill, they went back on the ship and returned to their home country.

It blows my mind that we can’t take care of the huge homeless problem we have now but the liberals want us to let illegal people in and support them. It’s also causing the biggest drug crisis we’ve ever had in this country. Where is all the fentanyl coming from that is killing more young people than anything else? From Mexico. And who’s supplying it? China. Now it’s no surprise that China hates us. This is a great way for them to kill a lot of Americans and in the meantime get money for their substance abuse.

Who also hates America? Iran.

Gee, curious that the same country we had a war with not long ago is coming in to take advantage of our system or to do us more harm. I have friends who came here years ago from Mexico and went through the proper channels to become citizens. I can tell you, they’re not happy with what they’re seeing.

It makes them feel like less of a person, a pseudo-citizen. We can’t even get into Mexico or Canada without a passport or, for that matter, get back into our own country as citizens without one, yet they want to circumvent those rules for non-citizens (just to prove how “woke” they are). Makes no sense to me. Every country has a border. Without it, you’re not a country.

Maybe this is the plan.


Sheryl Isaacson