Letter to the Editor: Parnham Has Qualities, Qualifications to Make Excellent School Board Director


Centralia School District patrons, I highly encourage you to vote for Deb Parnham for Centralia School Board Director, Position 1. As a former Chehalis School Board director and retired Centralia teacher, I care deeply about our children’s education, as does Deb.

Having had the privilege to work with Deb for many years, I know that she possesses the qualities and qualifications to make an excellent school board director.

Deb is dedicated, a good listener and works well with a wide variety of people. Deb takes the time to study issues and understand the needs of the Centralia schools. Deb’s background as a parent, grandparent, educator, volunteer and community member all contribute to her ability to make good decisions with an unbiased spirit of teamwork.

I urge you to support Deb’s candidacy and vote for her on election day.


Christine Langford