Letter to the Editor: Podcast Makes It Clear Murphy Is the Right Choice for Sheriff


Thanks so much for the News Dump podcast. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy it. And this last one, where sheriff candidates Tracy Murphy and Rob Snaza were both interviewed, was epic. Those were the most telling political interviews I’ve ever heard.

Tracy Murphy has plans. He has ideas that will benefit the county long term, how to work together to get things done. He is a smart professional law enforcement leader. He spoke very intelligently about county spending, K9 programs and JNET. He has great ideas and real plans to have law enforcement in Lewis County be a professional, effective, forward-thinking organization.

Snaza is living in the past. Snaza has stories about good old boys and jet skis. Snaza’s ideas sound like Keystone cops. He will get the K9 position filled when pigs fly. His answers were deflection, roundabout and confusing word trails that didn’t answer the questions. And talking about costs out of one side of his mount and unable to justify his car out of the other.

His vision for an East County substation will never happen vs. Tracy Murphy’s well-thought out plans. Pathetic. Also, I did not enjoy being famous nationwide for a sheriff who won’t obey the law. Sheep indeed.

He made Lewis County a bastion of idiocy. He talked long and happily about “Robocop.” Snaza sounds like an entitled child. Sean Swope is his favorite commissioner? Another red flag.

If you want the same old crap, you have Snaza. If you want long-term cooperative law enforcement teams that speak to the needs of a growing Lewis County in 2022, you must elect Tracy Murphy.

Tracy Murphy is a professional. He will lead the county in the trying times we are living in. Tracy Murphy is a clearly qualified professional. Snaza sounds like a corrupt politician. I do take issue with the tone of the interview with Snaza, inviting him back after the election sounds like you assume he will win. Underestimate Murphy at your peril.

Your podcast was a great service to the county. I hope every voter listens to it.

P.S. Everyone knows “Die Hard” is the best cop movie ever. Tracy Murphy is plainly the best candidate for the job.


Katherine Ford



Editor’s Note: The News Dump is a weekly podcast by The Chronicle that can be found at https://www.chronline.com/podcasts/.