Letter to the Editor: Quit With Excuses and Open the Senior Centers


Once again we have been told that the senior centers can not be opened for reasons that are getting so old.

Deep cleaning is necessary, black mold has to be cleaned up, HVAC systems have to be cleaned — now tiles are falling at the Twin Cities Senior Center. What's next? The grass is too tall? This is getting more ridiculous by the day.

The cleaning of everything should not take this long. Use some of the grant money you have received and get us opened. Excuses are just that, excuses.

If you don't want us to open, just say so and close us down. If it is so dangerous, why can the Toledo City Council meet at the Toledo Center monthly with no masks and the public can come in?

What is the reason for trying to start a rift between Toledo and Winlock? Why even bring this up?

I have lived here and been a part of the center for 20 years and never heard of this rift. This is an insult to Toledo and Winlock. Whatever happened in the far past has no bearing on what is going on now. This is just another lame excuse to add on to all the others. In fact seniors from Toledo and Winlock have been meeting together in Winlock.

Seniors from Toledo, Winlock and Twin Cities have been meeting in Centralia. Sure these are smaller groups, but it shows that buildings like the granges figured out how to deep clean and open so we can meet and socialize together.

Perhaps they may even figure out how to offer classes, dances, serve meals and any other ideas that may come up. It seems that our "leaders'' are more interested in anything other than opening the centers. This will not be easy and a lot of mandates will be in place, but it can happen and should happen sooner than later. So quit making excuses, get to work and get us opened.


Judy Hunter