Letter to the Editor: Seek Truth Beyond Mainstream Media


About nine years ago, I was steadfastly tribal in my political leanings and wanted to be liked and accepted by my peers. During this time, almost everyone I perceived as being successful, worldly and educated was a Democrat.

I also at that time was incredibly naive, had done very little reading or research and lazily accepted TV news and large national newspapers, like The New York Times, as truth. I had little care or concern for how establishment media was set up to control public opinion.

Fast forward to today, and now I seek news and events from alternative sources who base their stories on verifiable facts. Still, it is important to spend time doing your own research.

Here’s an interesting bunch of statistics from the 2020-2022 period in Washington state: Over 3,062 businesses were closed permanently from Jay Gov. Inslee’s heavy-handed lockdowns. Over 2,189 schools were closed resulting in over a million students staying home and attending classes via Zoom. The survival rate of COVID-19 was 98.8% from natural immunity at its most lethal point. The statistics showing blatant government overreach are out there if anyone cares to look.

The fact many Democrats and non-aligned people still favor mainstream news does not surprise me, but their refusal to even examine, question or verify the propaganda they believe in is alarming.

As bad as it may be, humanity can finally be relieved from the darkness of disinformation, but we still need guidance and leadership to get there. The video footage released showing what really occurred at the Capitol in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6, 2021, over a few episodes on Tucker Carlson Tonight is a starting point and a marker from which we can build out hope.

In these video clips aired, we, as an audience, learned that the Jan. 6 Committee purposefully left out key details in their trial to frame this event as an insurrection by Trump supporters upon the incoming administration. These key details are exonerating the defendants. This media event, courtesy of Tucker, also shows that truth can cure our country of this prolonged mental health crisis of being maliciously misled. On the state level, even-handed leadership from figures like Joe Kent can help accelerate the rehabilitation of healthy discourse and restoration of public safety by leveraging their own experiences positioning truth as humane and more superior over the lies of the establishment.


Josh Winsor