Letter to the Editor: Seize the Chance a Rewrite Odds on COVID-19 With Vaccine


Some people wonder, “Why should I get a vaccine or wear a mask when it’s still possible to get COVID-19 if I do?”

The answer: Vaccines and masks load the dice in our favor.

Vaccines and masks offer protection. Vaccines lower the odds that you will get COVID, and they dramatically lower the odds that you will get seriously ill or die from it. Masks also offer protection, though not as much as vaccines. Masks rated N95 offer better particle filtration, but pretty much all masks are better than nothing if they fit and if you wear them properly.

Even more importantly, vaccines and masks protect others. This is where masks really shine. Masks lower the odds that infected people will spread the disease. They accomplish this by suppressing the virus-carrying droplets in your breath. People with COVID become contagious before they feel sick, so they often go out in public without knowing that they could infect others. Masks reduce the odds that they’ll spread COVID unawares.

Vaccines are also thought to lower the odds of spreading COVID.

That effect is difficult to measure, so researchers are still testing it to figure out the details.

Thanks especially to my grandparents’ generation, we’ve beaten smallpox, measles, and many others. Smallpox was an absolute monster, and measles is much, much more infectious than even the delta variant of COVID. But thanks to vaccines, smallpox was eradicated in 1977 and measles outbreaks are rare today.

We can do it again, but only if we seize our opportunities to rewrite the odds.


Dale Grauman

Winfield, Illinois


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R. Ganowicz

I prefer to remain a Pureblood.

Friday, September 17

I value my freedom. And I really do not trust this government. I am not a sheep. Oh and I have lived in lewis county all my life

Friday, September 17

I value my freedom. And I really do not trust this government. I am not a sheep. Oh and I have lived in lewis county all my life

Friday, September 17

A clear and present danger to themselves and others, these commenters should be vaccinated or banished like lepers. A Winlock COVID colony that looks like the parking lot at Spiffy's during their Redneck Rally. Any left over pie?

Saturday, September 18

I think that I would rather be a sheep than an ass

Saturday, September 18

Okay Dale,

You're entitled to your opinion! You use words like, "probably, most likely, better odds, and thought to". While, these are cute words, it does appear you need more in-depth research from a diversity of science-based professionals. I'll tell you a little about what I've researched on masks and vaccines.

You are correct that a mask helps a little. An N95 works best, but who exactly can afford a new mask everyday? The material masks most of us wear are effective when the virus is encased in body fluid, because the fluid is too large to go through the mask. When the fluid dries up, the virus is free to go through the mask like a mosquito through a chain-link fence. My question has been, "Why haven't masks for public use improved to aid in the spread"?

As far as vaccines, it's not actually a vaccine, it's a genetic modification. Where have I heard that before? GMO's? A recent statement by a virologist talks about the "vaccine" inhibiting our T cells from doing what they naturally do, which is to help us fight off viruses. He also stated, once your genetics are modified, you may have to rely on continual modifications from that point on. Also, as a new variant emerges, you may have less immunity with a GM than you would with natural immunity. Meaning, the vaccine is also doing harm. To force a vaccine could be a slow death for some. Hard to know for sure! We can only MAKE OUR OWN DECISIONS ABOUT OWN HEALTH!

Monday, September 20