Letter to the Editor: So Much for ‘Following the Science,’ Jay


I cannot fathom the mental gymnastics it takes to be in favor of “my body, my choice” until it has to do with making a certain type of health care decision that’s best for us, and then it’s suddenly “obey or else.”

This is a direct quote from Gov. Jay Inslee on July 14,and there is video evidence of this:

“The problem with that is you’re making a risk for everybody around you when you don’t get vaccinated. You’re a risk for your spouse, you’re a risk for your kids, your grandkids, your parents, your co-workers; because you are a bioreactor facility generating virus and spreading it around, including to kids that can’t get vaccinated.”

So much for “following the science,” Jay.

You know nothing about real science — you know only what your corporate and political masters tell you to say because you’re bought and paid for.

Here are the facts: Real science says asymptomatic spread of this illness is virtually nonexistent.

Real science says you can’t spread something you don’t have.

Real science takes into account scientifically proven concepts like T-cell immunity and viral load.

Real science says children are at very, very low risk of COVID-19 and even lower risk of suffering complications from it.

But, most importantly, it is completely ludicrous to blame healthy people with intact immune systems for the spread of a virus that affects the vaccinated at least six times more than those who have already had the natural infection.

Your comments are not based in science or even in a hint of reality. Quite frankly, it’s dangerous and bordering on insanity to blatantly spew the almost comically inaccurate assertion that roughly half of Americans are a direct safety threat to others.

Stop forcing your extreme rhetoric down people’s throats. It’s getting old fast.


Jolyn Curfman