Letter to the Editor: Socialism Taking Hold


Democracy is rule by the people, which we are not. We are now socialism. Afraid; but true. They have illegally voted, stripped us of our rights to speech, censored what we can read or publish. Now they are trying to take our right to bear arms. Hopefully, Russ and Newsmax will not be taken off the air. When the people disagree, they try to use violence to silence us. Like antifa and BLM. We have a few Republicans like Ted Cruz to stand up for us. Hopefully they will not attack him and the others that are willing to stand up for freedom, speech and the right to bear arms. Now, with about a few days left, they are trying to impeach our president. Where are our rights? I’m ready to stand up for freedom, are you? Tell me, where do you go from here? A song I recall, but don’t remember who sang it, “Find the cost of freedom buried in the sand, mother earth will swallow you, lay your body down.”

And shame on Pelosi and Biden. With all the money you have, you could put the National Guard up. How dare you make the National Guard sleep in a cold cement garage. They did you a favor by protecting Biden. Nancy, I would like you to give your ice cream away, and you sleep in the cement garage. Biden, in less than three days, you will have taking millions of jobs away while we have 11 million people coming in to take U.S. jobs away. Also, raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour will put small businesses out of service. Is this what you’re trying to do? Instead of using our own oil, you want to close our pipelines and use foreign oil. My little pinky can run the U.S. better than this.


Libby Draskovich 

Lewis County