Letter to the Editor: Support Napavine School Bond for a Safer Learning Environment


I have lived, worked and retired in Napavine, and it is a tight knit community. If I want something to do after supper, I go up to the high school. I will watch a Tiger team — be it volleyball, football, basketball, baseball, track or soccer. I might also hear an awesome pep band pump up the crowd with their catchy tunes. Or I might have the opportunity to listen to our music students perform at a concert. 

This is Tiger spirit. 

Many people who attend these events, be they sports or music, are community members. They come to the school. They follow the teams. In fact, there was quite the support at the championship 2B football game last December. Our undefeated football team played in Lakewood and the community was there in full force.

I have been a part of the Napavine School District since 1970. I have held the roles of teacher, parent, grandparent, substitute teacher and community member. I have been here for several construction projects starting with the building of the current high school, the addition of four classrooms to the grade school, and then the extensive remodel and additions to the elementary building. Every space that can be used is being used currently. 

Investing in our children and grandchildren is definitely a priority.

School safety is important. Currently, students cross the street in the middle of the day to go to physical education and music. Our food service workers cross to take food prepared in the grade school to the high school for student lunches. 

Building upgrades as proposed would change that. Students and staff wouldn't have to cross the road twice daily.

A second safety issue is being addressed with the middle school wing. The students will be housed in one building rather than six. It will be easier to secure these students in case of a lockdown.

As I drive around Napavine, I see the new construction — the townhomes on Woodard and Summerville, the apartments and duplexes on Stella and the new homes in Camden Estates.

Those residences will bring more families into our school district. Their children will need space.


Deborah Mikota