Letter to the Editor: Thanks for Support for Pioneer Church Replica  


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the page for the celebration of completing the Borst Pioneer Church Replica Sept. 21. It was a spectacular page, so well done. Thank you editor and staff. This five-year project was made possible with the contributions of many members of the community and the city’s cooperation. I am grateful. It was an intimate crowd; so many had given so much. They stayed in the rain to look at all the pictures of building the church and the Donor’s plaques to thank those people.

Now, I want to thank reporter Isabel Vander Stoep and photographer Jared Wenzelburger for the great coverage of the Bagpipe Blessing Aug. 7, the first celebration. It was well attended with people who really appreciated the program.

Thank you to columnist Julie McDonald for your thoughtful page on the project. All the publicity helped the church to be finished and to be honored and important to the community. May the future of the Borst Museum help others to learn of their past and be a meeting place in the future.

Lastly, thank you for the picture of Mel and I as longtime Chronicle subscribers. It has been a lifeline to the community for us over the years and we are grateful.

I have written before to just let you know how much we like the new format and we continue to share our praises with others. 


Mel and Jean Bluhm

Lewis County