Letter to the Editor: The Best Candidate for Lewis County Sheriff Is Rob Snaza


Over the years, my interactions with Sheriff Rob Snaza have been positive with open discussions. He addressed all of my questions with thorough responses.

I know the limitations Rob has to work with in getting funding and approval to get additional deputies and other projects to move forward. I know that mostly the Lewis County Board of Commissioners (BOCC) rarely approve specific projects due to lack of funding.

Finally, the years of Sheriff Snaza consistently working with the BOCC has led to an agreement to move forward next year to retrofit a portion of the Public Works Kiona Shop to house the east end Lewis County Sheriff’s Office substation and office. This will improve response time in the east end of our large county.

I appreciate Snaza’s dedication, sincerity and leadership during difficult times. I applaud his tenacity to work with all of the challenges in our county with the new restrictive regulations from our legislative body in Washington state.

Sheriff Snaza and his office and deputies focus every day to keep us all safe, protected and free. He is a constitutional sheriff and I feel very safe with his leadership and sincerity to do all that he can to service all the residents within Lewis County.

I support him in continuing his work as our sheriff who will stand by our constitution and our God-given rights as Americans. He is the one with the focus and heart to do this job.


Bev Granger

Silver Creek